Inplant Training In Chennai

Welcome to UNIQ Technologies

UNIQ is a ISO registered Indian company specializing in providing professional training to students all over India. We have with us a rich clientele from all verticals. Our service is not constrained to professional training; we even provide professional solutions for all industry verticals in IT. Started as a web hosting company, Uniq is now the market leader, in Chennai, in delivering high quality Android projects and offering Inplant Training(IPT) for all branches in Engineering. Our offerings  have been widely appreciated by the student community and the popularity of Uniq is spreading by the word of mouth. Our quality solutions stand out distinct from similar solution providers.

Why INPLANT TRANING is important ?

Inplant training is being seriously considered as a platform for determining a students commitment to gain real time exposure. In this competitive world. He who takes initiative to achieve is the one who is truly rewarded at the end. IPT is an initiative on the part of the student to learn something beyond the ROTE based classroom sessions. The education system we follow in India, is a relic of the British period. Student cannot reach greater heights by just sticking to it. He needs to see beyond his books. Think..Innovate..Achieve. World class MNCs need such students and the last hope in your hands is IPT.

Why INPLANT TRANING @ UNIQ is more important?

There are roughly around 126 project centers all over Tamilnadu and UNIQ is the only institute that doesn’t say NO to the student who enters its office with real time technical challenges. We have no limits. The sky is our limit. We at Uniq, see what you see as a student, feel what you wish to have as a youngster and finally provide what you need as your parents. This attitude of each and every UNIQ employee is what that drives us forward day-by-day and strengthens the bond with our students. We have trained close to 112 batches from all over Tamilnadu, in the past two months. Our high quality traning and well experienced staffs continue to spread our fame even overseas. Come join us at Uniq and carve a better future for You. Remember, The best way to predict your future is to create it!

Inplant Training In Chennai
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